Ever Savers Club
Member Login

1. Membership is open to ages 18 yrs old and above.
2. Fill up the Ever Savers Club Application Form and submit at any Ever Supermarket Customer Service together with one (1) valid ID with picture and any of the following:
   a. P150.00 application fee, or
   b. Accumulated Ever Supermarket tape receipts worth P4,000 within ninety (90) days prior to application.
3. Ever Savers Club card will be issued within an hour. To claim the card, present a valid ID with picture. A representative may claim your card as long as an authorization letter and a valid ID from you and the bearer will be presented. 4. For security purposes, you will be required to key-in your 4-digit PIN.
5. Upon claim, the card can immediately be used and you can start earning points.
6. Unclaimed cards within 30 days from application will be forfeited.
7. Ever Savers Club card will be honored at all Ever Supermarket branches. The card must be presented upon payment. “No Ever Savers Club Card, No Point Credit” shall be observed.
8. Update us of any changes in your personal information by accomplishing the Edit Account form at any Ever Supermarket Customer Service. This way we can keep you informed of upcoming rewards and promotions.

Earning Points
1. Present your Ever Savers Club card to the cashier upon payment. To reiterate, NO CARD, NO POINT CREDIT.
2. Points will be earned in the following manner:
every P1 cash purchase = 1 point
every P1 charge purchase = 0.5 point
*Points will be rounded down to the nearest
whole number i.e. P115.65 = 115 points
3. Tape receipts prior to obtaining the card are not valid in earning points.
4. Earned points will be reflected in your account the following day.
5. Points will be based on net purchase (less of all discounts). The same will apply to Senior Citizen Card.
6. Points will not be given to purchases using Gift Certificate as mode of payment.
7. Points will likewise not be given to merchandise returns and exchange.
8. You may inquire your points by:
a. checking the tape receipt, bottom portion,
b. going to Customer Service,
c. calling Customer Service, or
d. emailing at cs@ever.ph

Rewards and Redemption
1. The reward for the points earned by ESC members shall be in a form of an electronic reward that ESC member can redeem and use as tender to pay for his/her purchase/s directly at the POS.
2. ESC Member can now redeem e-GC from P10.00 up to any amount.
3. He/She must have earned at least 2,000 points to be able to redeem the said minimum e-GC amount.
1. Ever Supermarket will not be held responsible for any lost/unauthorized use of the Ever Savers Club card.
2. For Lost and Damaged Cards
   a. Visit any Ever Supermarket Customer Service and fill up the Lost/Damaged Card form.
   b. You will be required to present a valid ID with picture and to pay P100 replacement fee.
1. For PIN changes, visit any Ever Supermarket Customer Service, fill up the PIN Replacement form and present the card together with a valid ID with picture.
2. Inactive accounts of six (6) months (no purchases) will have their points forfeited. To avail of the membership privileges again, you may re-apply for a new Ever Savers Club card and start all over.
3. Ever Supermarket reserves the right to cancel, change or restrict any aspect of this program anytime without notice.
4. Any abuse of the program, failure to follow any terms or any misinterpretation may subject you to revocation of your membership and will affect your eligibility for further participation in the program.
5. Your Ever Savers Club points as reflected in Ever Supermarket’s record shall be deemed correct and Ever reserves the right to determine the amount of points to be awarded for any transactions.
6. Ever Supermarket’s failure to enforce a particular term or condition does not constitute a waiver of that term or condition.
7. In the event that this program is terminated you must use up your earned points within a 60 day period from date of termination.
8. Points are non-transferrable.